Come on, Mocopi! Sony Owned Long Term Metaverse Investment


 'Losing now does not mean losing forever.'

Although the concept of metaverse, the world of virtual reality (VR) which is Meta Platform Inc's bet failed to penetrate the mainstream yet, it did not stop Sony Group Corp from entering the field.

Sony recently launched Mocopi, a set of wearable trackers designed to take users into the metaverse on their phone.

The device set has 6 pieces worn on the wrist, ankle, head and waist that will generate movement on the avatar in the user's metaverse application on Apple Inc.'s Android phone or iPhone.

It is officially sold by Sony starting January next year in the Japanese market only for now at a price tag of ¥49,500 or $360 (equivalent to approximately RM1,610).

It turns out that Sony also seems to want to be a pioneer in the world of VR and augmented reality (AR) with the introduction of the Mocopi set even though the company's main core is console games such as PlayStation.

Sony has previously combined its gaming core with VR through the launch of the PlayStation headset that offers a virtual gaming experience and further strengthens the ecosystem with the introduction of other devices.

And although VR and AR-based companies are still struggling, this does not mean that the metaverse has no profit because Mark Zuckerberg himself is daring to risk the future of Facebook with the Meta Platform.

As of this writing Sony shares are trading 1.46% lower at ¥11,200.