Dismissed? US Workers Find a Ray of Hope in China!


 'One man's trash is another man's treasure.'

Despite the situation of mass layoffs in the United States (US), Chinese internet firms are seen doing the opposite.

Citing sources from the Global Times, China's watchdog agency, the country's internet firms such as TikTok are actively recruiting for its parent company BiteDance.

It is very different from the situation of the US tech giants where Meta Platforms, Twitter, Amazon and Lyft are laying off workers in order to cope with the economic conditions that are under pressure from inflation and spending.

Commented Zhongnan University of Economics and Law economist Pan Helin, it is common for Chinese firms to hire experts dumped in the US to work with them.

It is clear that the expertise of former US workers who were thrown out can be a major asset to internet firms even though the country prefers their own people to work.

But it does not mean that Chinese firms are not affected by the pressure of global inflation when they are also said to reduce hiring for companies located abroad.

In the meantime, technology specialist workers who were thrown out in the US seem to be the choice among companies from other countries such as Singapore, Britain and India.