Elon Musk Becomes CEO of Twitter, Tony Fernandes Resigns as CEO of AirAsia!


 'One goes up to be CEO, another goes down to be CEO.'

Medium-haul and low-cost airlines owned by Capital A, AirAsia X Bhd (AAX) confirmed the resignation of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

According to the company's filing, his resignation was made due to 'other commitments' after taking over the position 4 months ago and will be replaced by Tunku Datuk Mahmood Fawzy.

For the record, Fernandes was appointed as CEO and non-executive (non-independent) director of AAX on July 8 after the resignation of Nadda Buranasiri as Thai CEO of AAX.

It is understood that Fenandes' resignation was made a few days after AAX announced a comprehensive proposal plan for the Practice Note (PN17) conditions imposed in October last year.

On a different side, Elon Musk filed an announcement confirming him as CEO of Twitter after firing Parag Agrawal last Saturday.

This means that Musk holds the position of CEO in 4 different companies namely Tesla Inc, SpaceX, Neuralink and Boring Company.

It is well known that Musk officially bought Twitter Inc for $44 billion after several delays and being forced by the courts.

As soon as he set foot at Twitter's headquarters last Friday, Musk immediately brought about drastic changes by firing several company executives who he alleged had provided false information in the purchasing process.

In addition, Musk also acted to remove a large number of the company's workforce as part of the restructuring effort.