Elon Musk Is Busy 'Making Love' With Twitter, Tesla Investors Are Heartbroken


 'Rich people may have power in money management, but time management must be a little lacking.'

Elon Musk's commitment to save Twitter Inc until spending the night in the company's San Francisco office made Tesla Inc investors uneasy.

According to sources, Musk reportedly worked and stayed up all-nighters in the office of the company he just bought in an effort to save Twitter.

His actions are said to have raised concerns among some Tesla investors who fear Musk is focusing too much on Twitter and neglecting the electric car (EV) company.

Loup Ventures' Gene Munster comments that Tesla investors are frustrated with Musk spending too much time on Twitter compared to his responsibilities as CEO of the EV giant.

It's already clear that Tesla is now underperforming as the company's stock has fallen 50% since April and Musk's decision to sell some of his stake to buy Twitter added to investors' angst.

It is also not forgotten that Tesla is facing challenges in China with the country's Great Wall regulators examining the company's 'autopilot' technology functions.

In the meantime, Musk is seen trying to calm investors through a tweet on his personal Twitter page saying he still hasn't forgotten Tesla.

Still, Munster predicts Musk's focus on Twitter will continue for the next 12 months as the world's richest billionaire looks to restructure the bluebird company.

On the other hand, Tesla board member Robyn Denholm in an email expressed concern about Musk's lack of attention to Tesla compared to other companies he owns such as SpaceX.

At the time, Denholm predicted that Musk's actions could cause problems among other Tesla investors if he were less focused on the company.

So far Musk has not released any statement but he did say in an interview about his busyness leading 5 companies during the Business 20 (B20) Conference.