Elon Musk's Leadership On Twitter Is Worse Than The Suspended Situation Of The Malaysian Parliament


 'Will this have an impact on the global technology sector?'

Technology experts predict that Twitter Inc will face major problems under the leadership of the world's richest billionaire, Elon Musk, after the company's internal workforce turmoil.

The matter was raised by Facebook and Instagram engineer Glenn Hope, saying Twitter's prospects looked bleak with the company's dwindling specialist workforce.

In general, the number of workers at Twitter began to decrease after Musk's acquisition last October with him making mass layoffs.

In addition, Musk also gave employees the choice to either follow his latest 'hardcore' vision or leave Twitter where the matter saw a large number decide to quit.

And with a lack of specialist manpower, the company had to mobilize experts from other departments within Twitter to manage the issues that arose.

Returning to Hope, he does not feel that the matter will cause Twitter to be 'buried' but it will cause internal problems including functionality problems or hacking since there is a lack of suitable experts.

Supported by research scientist at cyber security company Sophos Ltd, Chester Wisniewski, that the complexity of the system requires constant modification and even maintenance with expert institutional knowledge.

Therefore, the loss of important engineers who are able to operate complex systems on Twitter especially when a global scale program like the World Cup will have a big impact on Twitter.

In the meantime, Alec Muffett, a software engineer with more than 30 years of experience, hinted that Twitter would be vulnerable to network security problems with many specialist workforces leaving.

It leaves Twitter vulnerable to hacking that will upset investors and advertisers about the social media app's stability.