English Premier League Champions Club For Sale! Any Investors Interested?


 'Just missed out on the championship last season, do you want to sell it?'

Owners of English Premier League football club Liverpool FC, Fenway Sports Group (FSG) made a surprise announcement regarding its availability to sell its holdings.

Citing sources from Athletic, FSG who bought Liverpool FC in 2010 intends to sell its stake and is open to any bid from a 3rd party.

Further comment from FSG's official statement, they received many bids from various parties, and with the terms and conditions agreed with the club, it is not impossible that Liverpool FC will get a new owner.

It indirectly confirms rumors that there has been a change of ownership at clubs in the English Premier League lately.

Like to be reminded that last year Newcastle United football club was sold and is now owned by a Saudi Arabian billionaire at a price tag of £300 million.

In the meantime, the Liverpool FC supporters' association, Spirit of Shankly, hopes that any decision made by FSG will be discussed together.

Back to the original topic, FSG bought Liverpool FC under New England Sports Ventures at a price tag of £300 million and basketball star LeBron James held a 2% stake with a £4.7 million purchase in 2011.

Then in March, an investment firm called RedBird Capital Partners bought FSG at a price tag of $735 million.

At the moment Liverpool FC is struggling in the English Premier League by occupying the 8th place while competing in the Champions League.