Forbes For Sale! Could 'That Billionaire' Be Buying It?


 'I hope the name of the mamat who bought Twitter that day will not be published.'

Publisher of business news and information magazine, Forbes is ready to continue the sale process with several consortium investors*.

*A combination of several individuals, companies or governments working together to achieve the same objective.

It is understood that Forbes is now entering the 'executive discussion' phase after months ago saying it was reluctant to go public through a special acquisition of the company.

According to a Citigroup report that Forbes appointed to manage the sale process, the company wants to generate $800 million but may receive less than that value.

For the record, Forbes is one of the oldest business media agencies in the United States (US) produced by BC Forbes in 1917 in the form of a magazine.

It has played an important role in raising the amount of capital and entrepreneurship of individuals and most companies around the world.

However, the decline in print revenue due to the change in digitization trend has depressed the company's performance lately.

The company's efforts in expanding key franchises such as Under 30 and doing live events while mostly online during the pandemic are seen as failing to support Forbes' performance.

So far Forbes digital platform is said to have over 140 million users in 49 countries.