Hate Putin, This Russian Billionaire Gave Up His Citizenship


 'This is a good sign of objection, but if it's not a millionaire, where do you think the individual wants to live?'

A Russian billionaire, Oleg Tinkov gave up his citizenship as a sign of protest against the actions of leader Vladimir Putin that started the war.

It is understood that the founder of Tinkoff Bank, one of Russia's largest lenders with more than 20 million customers, is among Russians who have been vocal critics of Putin's actions on Ukraine.

Through a post on his personal Instagram page, Tinkov said that he could not stand and did not want to be associated with a fascist country that started a war against the peace of its neighbors.

According to sources from independent Russian news, Tinkov posted a photo showing his Russian citizenship termination certificate as a sign of protest against Vladimir Putin.

In a separate statement, he expressed his shame for holding a Russian passport while living in the United Kingdom (UK) with several businessmen from the same country.

He also often invited businessmen from other Russia who protested Putin's actions to follow the steps to release their citizenship from the country.

In general, sanctions by the West against Russia also affect businessmen from the country such as travel bans to asset freezes as there are rumors that Putin's power depends on his billionaires.

The streak, Tinkov last April severely criticized the Kremlin oligarchy which he described as 'a regime based on nepotism and servitude'.

On the other hand, another billionaire banker, Nikolay Storonsky, also gave up his citizenship as a Russian citizen who was seen as having British citizenship after establishing the start-up company Revolut.