Sly! After Going To Dubai, Do Kwon Hiding In This Location!


 After being spotted living in Singapore, Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon reportedly fled via Dubai to a location where no one could trace him.

This follows because the South Korean authorities issued an arrest warrant against Kwon and 5 other Terra executives after the country's investigative team tracked him down in Dubai and surrounding countries.

In general, prosecutors have carried out an in-depth investigation into Terra Luna cryptocurrency and its team.

Meanwhile, the investigative authorities presented the latest information about the progress of the investigation and the location of Do Kwon who is said to have managed to leave the Dubai region to European countries quietly.

The proof is that he has hidden himself in Europe by holding an invalid passport, and even Kwon is not able to move freely even though he intends to sneak in secretly in other countries as he is now an illegal immigrant.

Meanwhile, private conversations between Do Kwon and a Terra employee were successfully identified by South Korean prosecutors who said that Kwon instructed the employee to manipulate the market price of LUNA.

Although the following information has not been disclosed until now, but the prosecution office official insisted that the conversation clearly showed Kwon's intention to cheat the price of the digital asset.

Despite this, Do Kwon still communicates with the Terra community through his Twitter account, mentioning that he has thought of various ideas to redevelop his company.

As of this writing, Terra Luna price is currently hovering in the $2.37 zone in the last 24 hours while Terra Classic (LUNC) is at 0.0002209.