Solana (SOL) Soars After Collaboration With Google Cloud


 Last week, the Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency saw a 10% climb right after successfully signing an agreement with tech giant Google Cloud to build new technology to enable scalable and user-friendly applications.

It is understood that the collaboration will allow the Blockchain Node Engine to go on-chain next year so that investors can run blockchain nodes in the cloud easily.

This follows because Google Cloud launched the engine last week to support Web3.0 developers to build and leverage new products on a blockchain-based platform.

In fact, Google Cloud states that they will generate blocks through SOL verifiers that serve as network authentication.

As such, the company is hiring more employees with experience in web 3.0 and decentralized finance protocols (DeFi) in order to fulfill its responsibilities as SOL technology experts.

Meanwhile, Google Cloud is in the process of indexing SOL data and will bring it to BigQuery next year to make it easier for the digital asset developer ecosystem to access historical data.

For the record, blockchain network was officially launched in March 2020 which provides provision in DeFi.

On the other hand, Google Cloud is also working with Coinbase to create crypto payments in early 2023 for its users.

As of this writing, SOL is currently experiencing a slight decline hovering at the $32.18 price zone in the past 24 hours with a market capitalization of $13.81 billion.