Sure CZ! One World Will Use Crypto?


 Just a few days ago the world's population reached 8 billion, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) said with a 'crazy' expectation that more than 8 billion people will use crypto in the next few years.

The statement made on his Twitter page has sparked various reactions in the crypto community.

Although it seems impossible to achieve, there are a few who agree with him considering the increasing use of kipto.

In fact, a Twitter user who always follows CZ said that all the efforts made to develop the crypto market will bear fruit soon.

In addition, other Twitter users also expressed their willingness to support CZ's efforts to attract users, saying that crypto can contribute a lot to humanity.

Even so, many users are not convinced of the expectations following the tragic events of Terra Luna and FTX which have caused the entire crypto market to fall.

In fact, some have admitted to staying away from all crypto-related investments and pessimistically think that the crypto market is now impossible to grow.

For the record, a study conducted by blockchain company TripleA estimates that the population owning crypto will be around 4.2% by 2022 with 320 million users worldwide.