This Crypto Exchanger Is Increasingly Popular After The 2022 World Cup!


 The 2022 Football World Cup match in Qatar opens up more opportunities and advantages for many parties to take advantage of, not to mention in the field of crypto.

Also reported to have gained great popularity is the crypto exchange company BIT which took the golden opportunity to launch a new campaign to celebrate the tournament through a unique method.

The following successful launch saw BIT's daily application statistics for downloads and registrations jump fivefold while active usage tripled.

Going back to the original topic, the campaign allows users of its platform to participate in a guessing game regarding which team will win each match and rewards anyone who watches the FIFA World Cup 2022 handsomely.

As proof, a prize pool* worth $1 million called the "World Cup Wizard" will be given to individuals who can guess the team that will win the tournament.

*Amount of money distributed among the winners in the tournament

Therefore, parties interested in entering the prize pool must first register on the BIT platform before earning Rad-Bit points to participate in the event.

New users will receive the next 500 RadBits plus an additional 1,000 Radbits if they complete their respective KYC.

To clarify, users also have to deposit around $100 in BIT account if they want to collect more RadBits, but they can get a certain amount of RadBits if they correctly guess the winning team.

In addition to that, collected RadBits can be exchanged for various other tokens listed on the BIT exchanger.