Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Launch NFT Game Of Thrones!


 Entertainment giant Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) and HBO have signed an agreement with non-fungible token (NFT) platform Nifty to launch the Game of Thrones NFT collection based on the hit series.

It is stated that the official launch date has not yet been confirmed, but fans can be prepared as it is likely to release the NFT in late 2022.

In context, the buyer of the NFT will experience a variety of unique experiences such as allowing the buyer to build their own world, collect avatars inspired by the characters of the series and collect "equipable" items to strengthen their own avatars.

In addition, it also displays special moments, characters and locations of Game of Thrones as well as themed activities so that fans can enjoy the atmosphere.

According to Josh Hackbarth, Head of Commercial Development of NFT Warner Bros Discovery, this digital collection is able to give fans a different way to interact with their favorite stories and characters.

He added that his company intends to expand the excitement of 'Game of Throne' through digital collections as it is able to attract more new fans and immerse them in the world of Westeros.

It is understood that one of the main goals of WBD implementing NFT "Game of Thrones" is to earn additional income for its company.

This follows because the company experienced a net loss of $3.4 million last quarter with a debt load of $53 billion.

Meanwhile, the collaboration between WBD and Nifty will allow fans of the franchise to experience connecting in a unique way through the production of the new digital collection.