Why Chainlink Poke Up This?


 Chainlink (LINK) cryptocurrency's significant rise of 8.98% with a trading volume of $484 million in the last 24 hours managed to attract investors.

The price reaction is reported to not only occur because investors transferred 15 million to crypto wallets, but the current crypto market, which is in positive momentum, will result in the price continuing to rise.

But investors need to be careful as the market will make a corrective move in the next few hours before extending the price to the highest level.

Earlier, since the launch of the Chainlink Economics 2.0 protocol upgrade, the price of the digital asset has always jumped little by little.

Please be informed that the purpose of the following project is to increase access to LINK services so that investors can make any transaction easily and quickly.

Apart from that, the renewal will also serve as a provision of technical support for network fees or other incentives to LINK service providers, such as stakers.

Despite that, it should also be noted that the crypto market recently suffered a drastic fall with a loss of over $1.4 trillion due to the outbreak of the FTX crisis.

In fact, the crypto market has seen a significant turnaround as global market capitalization plunged 10.85% year-on-year to $900 billion while Bitcoin (BTC) hit a two-year low.