Why was Meta fined €265 Million?


 Technology company Meta has been fined €265 million by Ireland's privacy regulator for its mishandling of customer data.

It was further clarified that an investigation by the Irish Data Protection Commission revealed that the personal information of 500 million Facebook and Instagram users had been posted online.

The following happened when Meta cut costs and laid off workers en masse.

Earlier in April 2020, a similar investigation was also made where Meta was said to have helped a few users find their friends by importing contacts, the Commission commented last Monday.

Meanwhile, the Russian court has recently claimed that Meta has been involved in radical activities that have undermined the country's position.

As a result, the Russian justice ministry added the company to the list of extremist organizations in November 2022.

Next, rumors also say that Mark Zuckerberg will voluntarily resign as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Meta in early 2023 following a significant decline in his company's profits.

On the other hand, Oxford University Press has placed the word 'Metaverse' in the top 3 by describing it as a virtual reality environment that allows users to interact through their respective avatars.