Xi Jinping Orders the Military to Prepare for War!


 Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged the military to prepare for war as the country faces an increasingly uncertain security situation.

Citing state media report CCTV, Xi Jinping admitted that the task of military struggle is difficult and heavy.

However, all armies need to make combat capability the basic and main criterion and devote all their energies to war, said the strongest leader in China.

Xi made the remarks as chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) while inspecting the body's joint operational command center on Tuesday.

It was his first visit to the operational command headquarters of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) since last month's Communist Party congress, where he secured a third term as head of the party and the reorganized CMC.

The leader said the visit was to show the determination of the new CMC to fully strengthen military training and war preparations.

Meanwhile, Xi Jinping also urged military leaders to strive to realize the goal of making the PLA a world-class armed force by 2027.