Accusing Each Other, Coinbase Blames Apple's Blocking of NFT Transactions


 The giant company Apple has been sued by Coinbase for blocking its users from issuing their respective collections of non-fungible tokens (NFT) through its latest wallet, Coinbase Wallet.

However, Apple dismissed the charge by saying that those who want to issue the NFT must pay the gas fee through the In-App purchase system so that Apple can collect 30% of its profits.

In response to Coinbase, the statement that Apple found is completely irrelevant following Apple's proprietary in-app system* being informed that it does not support crypto in making any purchases.

*Apple's proprietary in-app "IAP" purchase system for paid digital content distribution

While the team that developed the application explained that Apple created protecting policies that focus on innovation in the crypto ecosystem.

The streak, Coinbase Wallet hopes that the problem that has arisen is just a mistake and wishes that its parties, including Apple, can discuss this matter in more detail.

The dispute between Coinbase and Apple has not only occurred when the crypto exchange company's shares are down by up to 80% in 2022, but also when Coinbase is reducing its workforce.

This happened because the company wanted to save costs after the crypto market experienced a sharp decline and as a result investors refused to make any trades in digital assets.

In the meantime, application developers such as Spotify and "Fortnite" creator Epic Games have also accused Apple of being a company that abuses its power to make a lot of profit.