Aik, Restrictions are eased in China but still have to get vaccinated for the 4th time?


 'There must be compromises, where are there free things in this world.'

Although the Chinese government has begun to relax the restrictions of the zero-Covid policy, it has not stopped the authorities from approving 4 new types of vaccines for use in times of emergency.

Not only that, but the Chinese authorities also approved the use of nasal spray vaccines for emergency purposes, in addition to considering the 4th dose injection.

According to sources, 4 companies namely SinoCellTech, Clover Biophamaceuticals, Wantai BioPharm and WestVac Biopharms have received government approval for the use of their vaccines during emergencies.

Including 4 approved vaccines, China has 12 usable Covid-19 vaccines with 5 inactivated types, 4 recombinant protein types, 1 type of adenovirus, 1 type of recombinant novel coronavirus and 1 type of nasal spray.

In the meantime there are also other sources saying the Chinese authorities are making plans to implement the 4th dose injection starting with a certain group in the future.

It is also said that the decision of the 4-dose injection was reached together with some health officials in Beijing and Guangzhou after conducting an internal survey on its need.