Counter Attack! Ukraine Strikes Back 'Kaw-Kaw' For Russian Atrocities


 'The one being bullied starts to fight back at the bully.'

9 months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is now Volodymyr Zelenskiy's turn to counterattack by setting fire to 3 airports in the country led by Vladimir Putin.

Interestingly, the fire at the airport was caused by a drone attack kilometers away from Ukraine that managed to penetrate Russian airspace.

The Ukrainian side has so far not issued any statement saying they are responsible for the fire but are seen celebrating it.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Oleskiy Reznikov was clearly happy and sarcastically said 'Russia should not smoke in non-smoking places'.

On Monday, the Russian government reported that several airports, including those in Engels and Ryazan, were attacked by drones believed to belong to Ukraine, hundreds of kilometers from Kyiv.

The latest incident is said to have taken place in Kursk, about 90 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, with Russian authorities displaying images of black smoke filling the airspace of its airport on Tuesday.

The attack has caused 3 deaths, Ministry of Defense officials were killed and hundreds of nearby buildings were destroyed.

Russia also reported that Washington was also involved in the attack with Secretary of State Antony Blinken saying the United States (US) would continue to supply arms to Ukraine as a defense.

Meanwhile, Zelenskiy is said to have visited a military camp near the frontline in eastern Ukraine on the same day the attack took place.