Elon Musk made a Twitter thread, it's the EU's turn to threaten sanctions


 'This is what happens when he makes the company like his father owns a company.'

One problem after another arose for Twitter after Elon Musk became the boss when the European Union (EU) threatened to block the platform if it failed to comply with content moderation rules.

The threat of sanctions was delivered by the EU's own industry chief, Thierry Breton, in an online video meeting session with Musk on Wednesday as the regulator discussed the platform's future.

Everyone knows Musk, a strong supporter of free speech rights, wants to use Twitter as a platform that allows users' voices to be heard.

However, the ideology that Musk is fighting for has its downside with the possibility of spreading more hate speech and misinformation on the platform.

And to avoid those things from happening, Brenton has issued a warning to Musk to comply with the checklist of EU content regulations if he does not want Twitter to be blocked.

He also managed to admonish Musk to be careful with the 'arbitrary' approach of returning blocked users and an 'extensive independent audit' of Twitter by next year.

It is believed to follow Musk's plan to allow controversial accounts that were blocked by Twitter before he acquired the company for a price tag of $44 billion 2 months ago.

So far Twitter, the EU and Musk have not released any further statements about the content of the meeting or follow-up actions from the warning.

Previously Twitter was blocked by Apple in the App Store without the iPhone maker giving any reason.

It turned out to have invited Musk's anger until he wrote a tweet and questioned Apple's credibility in fighting for the right to free speech on its devices.