Hora Horey, Hiphip Horey! Chinese Cities Begin to Loosen Restrictions


 'Finally President Xi agreed with the wishes of his people, restrictions began to be eased.'

Who would have thought that the protests carried out by the people of China succeeded in forcing President Xi Jinping to review, further loosening the restrictions of the zero Covid-19 policy after months of implementation.

China's health authorities confirmed the matter with targeted relaxations starting with the city of Urumqi today.

The city located in the western province of Xinjiang, where protests against the zero-Covid policy erupted, will reopen supermarkets and restaurants.

It was followed by other cities that are the center of China's economy such as Zhengzhou, the iPhone production factory, which no longer needs to show the Covid-19 results when boarding public transport and when visiting public places.

Shanghai city authorities also said residents will no longer need to show negative results when taking public transport and visiting parks starting Monday.

This good news can also be heard in Nanning province when the cities of Guangxi and Wuhan, the first place of Covid transmission in 2019, canceled the requirement of a negative Covid test result when boarding the train.

In the meantime, China's latest decision to some extent gives a good impression of the world's 2nd largest economic power after 2 years of closure.

The objective of the zero-Covid policy, which was held in the hope of saving lives, backfired when more deaths occurred, including the loss of life that sparked protests last week.

Comment Goldman Sachs notes that even if the policy is eased this does not mean it will end but gives an indication that the Chinese government is ready to get out of the restrictions and start their economic activities.