Increasingly Vibrant, Elon Musk Sells Another $3.5 Billion in Tesla Shares


 'Lukuk gold is being abandoned more and more, no matter what the fate.'

It looks like the heyday of Telsa Inc and chief executive Elon Musk is over with a new filing revealing he is selling more of his holdings.

It is understood to have sold as many as 22 million shares worth $3.58 billion in the electric vehicle (EV) giant this week.

This indirectly brings the total number of Tesla shares sold by Musk to $40 billion this year.

According to sources, Musk now holds a 13.4% stake in the company.

As of this writing, Tesla shares are also trading down 2.58% at $156.80.

In general, Tesla investors have continued to voice their displeasure at the excessive focus Musk has placed on Twitter Inc.

Since the $44 billion purchase of Twitter during the day, Musk is seen as if he is 'personalizing' Tesla so that the company's stock has recorded a fall of 60% this year.

It was the company's worst stock performance among technology firms and other EV companies.

It is also not forgotten that the decline in Tesla shares contributed to the fall in the value of Musk's wealth so that he is in the 2nd position on the Forbes list of billionaires for the first time since September 2022.