Meta Is Not Only The Cause Of Death But War In Ethiopia


 'An old case but justice has not yet been served.'

Facebook owned by Meta Platform Inc may be able to pay a $2 billion lawsuit but the lives of the victims cannot be returned.

A lawsuit alleges that Facebook's algorithms fueled a chain of hate and violence during Ethiopia's civil war.

The effects of the war have claimed the life of Abraham Meareg, an Ethiopian academic, when the victim was shot dead after being attacked in a post on Facebook.

Through a representative of the victim's family, Meta was sued for $2 billion and asked to change the hate algorithm on his platform.

The representative explained that hate speech and incitement to violence are against the rules of the platform.

In response Meta said that they have invested a lot of funds in moderation and devices to remove hate from the platform.

But unfortunately the company is not seen to touch on the issue of the lawsuit filed in the High Court of Kenya.

Revealing Meareg's story, on November 3, 2021 he was followed while returning home by armed men riding a motorcycle, before being shot at close range.

Before the incident, a slanderous post had spread and revealed his personal information on the Facebook page.

Despite reporting several times through Facebook's reporting tool, the platform still maintains the post.

Therefore, Meareg's son described Facebook's algorithm as promoting 'hate and incitement' because it can attract more users than other content.

In fact, he filed a lawsuit criticizing content moderation in Africa.