Netflix Feels Livestream World Cup Or Any Sports Event Is Harmful


 'This reaction may invite a negative response from fans.'

Despite the problem of a decrease in the number of paid users this year, Netflix Inc is seen to be still stubborn and does not plan to offer live sports broadcasts on its application.

That was confirmed by Netflix co-executive Ted Sarandos himself, saying the company doesn't see any profit in renting sports broadcasts for now.

Sarandos added that buying shows for professional sports is expensive because it depends on the economic position of television companies.

In comparison, Netflix's close competitors Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video are starting to add competitive professional sports content.

It is understood that the services have the rights to live stream the soccer league (MLS) and the rugby league (NFL) in the United States (US).

In addition, NBCUniversal has also started showing Sunday Night Football matches through Peacock on TV.

In the meantime, Sarandos confidently says that Neflix is able to add users without resorting to the lure of big sporting events for now, noting that they are not anti-sports but pro-profit.