Pelosi Becomes the Focus Again, TikTok's Fate in This Woman's Hands


 'It's over if it's approved, what do people want to play later.'

The last time I heard Nancy Pelosi's name, the United States (US) and China almost went to war after the Speaker of the House of Representatives stubbornly entered Taiwan despite being banned.

Now, Pelosi is once again in the world's spotlight when she will participate in a House meeting next week in an effort to get legislation approved to prevent US government employees from using China's TikTok.

Pelosi explained to reporters that the main agenda of next week's meeting is not TikTok but it is an important thing to discuss.

Generally, every state government in the US now enforces laws banning the use of the TikTok app on government devices.

And the legislation is seen to be brought to the House meeting to get the Senate's approval to directly ban the use of the application on all US government employees.

It follows a vote by the Senate on Thursday regarding the use of the Chinese-owned app on US government-related devices.

Previously, several state governments have banned TikTok, which is described as a Chinese platform for collecting US user information and giving it to the Communist party.

The matter indirectly triggered national security concerns regarding any potential confidential government information falling into the hands of the enemy, China.

Meanwhile, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre declined to comment further on President Joe Biden's support for the legislation.

However, he echoed a similar tone by saying that apart from TikTok there are several other applications that should not be used by government employees 'for security reasons'.