Sweet Revenge! IPhone Users Have To Pay $11 To Use Twitter


 'It looks like this Musk is really holding a grudge, remember you were on good terms.'

Remember the issue between Elon Musk and Apple Inc. has been resolved but this latest update looks like the billionaire still holds a grudge.

Twitter Blue paid users who use the app on iPhone devices will reportedly pay $11 for the service, up from $7.99 previously.

On the other hand, those who use the application service through the website on a computer only need to pay $7.

This is believed to be a follow-up to Apple's policy of charging a 30% fee on any app payment through the iOS operating system, which previously angered Musk.

Musk even said that he was 'ready to go to war' with Apple rather than pay the fees but the dispute was resolved after a meeting with executive Tim Cook a few days ago.

So far it is still unknown whether the price increase plan will be effective for iOS users only or Android will also be affected.

Twitter, Apple or Google did not issue any further statements.

On a different side, Twitter's office is now reportedly turned into a 'hotel' to make it easier for its employees to sleep there after some photos posted of beds placed in the building went viral.

Musk previously reported that under his management, Twitter will adopt a 'hardcore' style of work that is work and sleep in the office in an effort to redevelop the application to its glory days.

In addition, under Musk's leadership, the verified badge will not only have to be paid to have it, but there will be a different color for each user to avoid impersonation on the platform.

It is said that each individual, company and even government body will receive a different badge color in verifying their account.