Taylor Swift's $100 Million FTX Sponsorship Deal Is Not Worth It!


 Fans must have been talking to each other after hearing that pop star singer Taylor Swift had a $100 million deal with the now bankrupt crypto exchange company FTX.

Explained in more detail, FTX wanted to make Swift one of the celebrity faces of its company, but the collaboration failed because FTX feared that the agreement would not bring any profit.

In fact, most individuals who work at FTX also do not agree to negotiate with Swift on the grounds that the payment is too expensive and are still unsure whether he is able to have an impact or the potential to further develop FTX.

The following views erupted among FTX staff after they argued that Swift would not be able to achieve FTX's objective of attracting more retail crypto investors following the singer's purely entertainment business.

In an explanation from Swift, he expressed his disappointment when he did not have the opportunity to seriously discuss the agreement before it was abruptly terminated.

Although Swift believes that the crypto market has a big influence in the future, she has remained out of the crypto world since becoming a public figure, where Swift released her own album after a dispute with her old label.

Earlier before FTX went down in November, sports and entertainment celebrities such as tennis star Naomi Osaka, NFL quarterback Tom Brady and NBA point guard Stephen Curry were reported to have promoted FTX on TV and social media ads.