Tesla Charges Battery, Elon Musk's Words of Wisdom Make Investors Buy


 'Musk's sweet mouth is seen to have successfully saved the company from the brink of collapse.'

Despite the one-sided focus given by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Elon Musk to Twitter Inc compared to Tesla, he is still not completely ignoring his 'golden hole'.

In an email sent to employees, Musk reiterated his belief in Tesla's potential to emerge as the world's most valuable company and asked everyone to ignore market uncertainty.

He also had time to touch on the company's electric car (EV) delivery issue by asking employees to 'go all out', allaying concerns about the performance of Tesla's stock, which fell by almost 70% due to weak demand.

Late delivery issues this quarter coupled with demand problems forcing Tesla to cut production at its Shanghai factory and offer discounts have sparked panic among investors.

However, Musk's words of wisdom turned out to be successful in changing everything as Tesla shares managed to register gains as of yesterday despite the weak performance of Wall Street.

Data released by Vanda Research shows that retail investors continue to buy and have hope for Tesla and its CEO even though the company's stock has fallen sharply this year.

There are also some who think that buying 'below' when Tesla shares are cheaper gives the company an opportunity to end its 8-day losing streak.

As of Wall Street's close, Tesla shares are up 3.31% at $112.71 compared to yesterday's close of $109.10.