Twitter Forced to Take 'Desperate' Measures Because of Elon Musk


 'Everything changed when Musk attacked.'

Never before has a social media giant been willing to pay extra just to increase investment from advertising firms, but maybe Twitter Inc is starting to get desperate.

In an official company email, Twitter is offering the 'biggest advertising incentive' to advertising firms that book spend on its social media platform.

It is clarified that United States (US) advertising firms that book $500,000 in additional spend are eligible to receive 100% investment remuneration up to $1 million.

This is believed to have been forced by Twitter after a large number of advertising firms pulled out shortly after Elon Musk completed his $44 billion purchase of the company this year.

In addition to Musk's actions that fired most of Twitter's employees including in the content moderation department and the incident of spam accounts upset investment from advertising firms.

Previously, advertising sales accounted for 90% of Twitter's revenue but with Musk's entry it is clear that the company will face a decline in total revenue in the coming quarters.

Despite Musk's stated desire to make Twitter 'the most respected advertising platform' rather than 'a free-for-all', he clearly failed to gain the trust of advertisers to invest.

It is also not forgotten that the changes brought by Musk to uphold the right of truth by returning some previously blocked accounts can have a bad image impact.