Happy New Year! Lunar New Year The Year of McDonald's Join the Metaverse!


 "If you are sitting far away, you can greet them in the metaverse while eating McD."

Karen X Cheng, a well-known content creator who focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) managed to attract McDonald's interest to work with her in conjunction with the Lunar New Year campaign.

Through the deal, the two parties intend to launch a 30-second commercial that showcases Cheng's childhood memories including a QR code that takes viewers to see details about the campaign.

According to Elizabeth Campbell, the senior director of cultural engagement strategy intends to expand its services through the advancement of technology now while increasing the number of new customers from Asia America and the Pacific Islands.

For the sake of the Lunar New Year, McDonald's was found to create a variety of unique experiences in the metaverse, including allowing users to join the zoo or Chinese games such as Weiqi and Mahjong through AR and 3D animation.

In the meantime, McDonald's also created a 3D avatar that allows users to explore the world of the metaverse and send messages including sharing photos to friends using the in-app messenger.

Please note that individuals only need to open the official McDonald's website if they wish to enter the metaverse.

Overall, McDonald's and Karen X Cheng hope that this collaboration can give people the opportunity to connect and create beautiful memories with friends and family during the holiday season.