Jumped 800%! Trump's Dead NFTs Are Now Alive


 "Trump's NFT has a lot of challenges, going down and then going up again, fearing that it will suddenly plunge later."

After falling and falling, the sale of the non-fungible token (NFT) collection launched by former United States (US) President Donald Trump has finally rebounded by 800% worth $306,000 from $34,000 despite heavy criticism.

As of today, the NFT's sales are $241,000 with trading volume up nearly 1,900% in the last 24 hours.

While the selling price of each NFT went from $296 to $435 yesterday but today it has doubled again to $670.

Trump's NFT collection reportedly skyrocketed following his move to return to social media platforms after being banned from Facebook and Twitter for being linked to the US Capitol Building attack.

Explained in more detail, Trump fans petitioned Facebook to reinstate his account, but recently billionaire Elon Musk who successfully acquired Twitter last year closed his account.

For the record, Trump launched a collection of NFT trading cards on December 15 with 45,000 units printed on Polygon that saw the former President as a superhero, cowboy, astronaut and others.

The initial price of the NFTs was found to be $99 each, where buyers were given the chance to win various special benefits such as dinner, meeting or shaking hands with Trump.