Rise again! Celsius Plans to Launch New Token!


 "Maybe it could be a new step in Celsius?"

In a bid to bounce back from bankruptcy, cryptocurrency lender Celsius intends to issue its latest digital asset to compensate affected creditors.

The proposal is part of its efforts to restructure to become a more regulated cryptocurrency platform in the future.

According to Celsius' lawyer Ross M. Kwasteniet, the company's creditors could be fully settled if Celsius turned into a licensed publicly traded company.

From that, Celsius' creditors and investors will be allowed to vote on any proposals for restructuring the company's ecosystem.

It was also reported that Celsius, which wants to implement a compensation plan after filing for bankruptcy, has been in talks with creditor organizations regarding the formation of a company and the issuance of new digital assets.

Despite that, the decision has not yet been decided as United States (US) Bankruptcy Division Judge Martin Glenn needs to consider first in deciding whether to accept the proposal or not.

Kwasteniet said again, Celsius will give more details about its new objectives this week through a document to be submitted.

In addition, the restructuring of the company will be based on a portfolio of loans and other investments such as owning tens of thousands of digital asset mining machines.