These 5 Big Techs Are Prepared For The Worse Situation


 The US tech giant is expected to cut more workforce and costs in the coming months, analysts predict.

This follows the expected continued decline in the company's earnings in the fourth quarter (October-December) which will be announced soon.

According to Reuters citing analysts from investment firm Ironhold Capital, more layoffs are expected for the next three quarters.

So far, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft are among the largest US technology companies that have announced their reduction of employees since last year.

Amazon, which recently announced it would lay off 18,000 workers, is expected to report a 38% drop in revenue and grow at its slowest pace in more than 22 years.

Meanwhile Meta, which decided in November to shed 11,000 jobs, is forecast to post a 42% drop in its profits and a 7% drop in revenue.

Additionally, Microsoft, which just announced 11,000 job cuts, is expected to see the slowest revenue increase of 2.4%, with profits falling 9%.

Apple, meanwhile, is forecast to see its first drop in 15 quarters, following major disruptions at China's largest iPhone factory due to Covid-19 restrictions.

In addition, Alphabet is expected to see its slowest revenue growth in 10 quarters, after slowing hiring and making course corrections to cut costs.

Faced with a gloomy global economic outlook, it is not impossible that these companies will continue to implement job cuts to compensate for the losses experienced due to the decrease in demand.