"It's very expensive, try to lower the price a little and then people will buy it."

Joining the world of web3 such as non-fungible tokens (NFT) must have its challenges, the NFT collection by the luxury car brand Porsche reportedly failed to sell after launching 7,500 units.

The project aims to celebrate the vehicle and give owners access to an event or exclusive items including designing a Porsche in the virtual world.

But the plan failed when Porsche acted to sell each unit of their NFT at a price of 0.991 Ethereum (ETH) worth $1,475 just like other digital asset collection projects that have been offered before.

According to a statement by an avid NFT collector on his Twitter account, Porsche should change the price lower to 0.911 ETH worth $145.

But Porsche just ignores those comments and this is the reason why most individuals start criticizing them as fraudsters who want to make a good profit for their own sake.

After 1,500 NFTs were minted at a low price compared to their original value, Porsche has stopped their mint to focus on creating a variety of unique experiences to give to its community.

On the other hand, leading brands like Adidas and Budweiser who also launched their own NFTs have received a positive response compared to Porsche following its company using different ways to attract buyers.