What Event Is This? SEC Behavior Condemned Ripple CEO!


 "The SEC is busy making Ripple angry, so it has to go back."

During the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the CEO of Ripple (XRP), Brad Garlinghouse criticized the behavior of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States (US) throughout the lawsuit.

According to him, the judgment of the lawsuit between XRP and the SEC still has not reached the end as the SEC has often mentioned to issue a decision but so far it has not been made.

Earlier, Garlinghouse had cited fundamental differences as the reason the two sides could not find a solution, with XRP dependent on whether the SEC recognizes its digital asset as unsafe.

This follows because the SEC claims that XRP is selling their digital assets unregistered, but XRP disagrees and opposes the baseless view.

While Garlinghouse is reported to have described the SEC's behavior when handling the XRP case as a disgrace to US citizens as a result of the judge not issuing the lawsuit himself in 2023.

However, Garlinghouse remains optimistic with the release of the judgment within a few months and he believes it will be a positive conclusion.

As of this writing, the XRP price movement is seeing a recovery but is now down a bit by 3.48% hovering at $0.3792 in the last 24 hours.