Although Technical Analysis Is Powerful, Why Do Traders Lose? This is not enough!


 You've learned a lot of techniques, you've met many different teachers, but still your trading sucks.

If that's the case, what's the point of paying expensively to learn powerful technical analysis?

There are some actual factors that will still prevent you from getting consistent profits even if your technical analysis is at a good level.

1. Ignore fundamental analysis

Fundamental and technical analysis are actually complementary to each other. You cannot ignore one of them.

Fundamental analysis is very important for you to determine the direction of price movement trends in the market, and for you to place trading positions in the best place, you need solid technical analysis.

2. Trade against the trend

If you don't use fundamental analysis to determine the trend, you may end up trading against the trend.

Or even worse, you already know the direction of the trend, but still enter a position that goes against the trend because it is only based on technical analysis.

When your trade goes against the market trend, know that you are facing a very big risk. And it is also very possible for you to experience losses.

3. Decisions based on emotions

You will be a failed trader if you only enter the market with the 'feel-good' technique. This way, your trading decisions are irrational and you just let your emotions control your trading.

When you lose, you start wanting to take revenge, as if you want to double the profit after the loss. In the end, the greater the loss that had to be borne.

4. Overtrade

Sometimes when you are too confident with technical analysis, you start to enter positions too often, and the layers of the 'layer cake' are too many to easily invite your account to scope.

It's fun when you see the account in the middle of a 'blue' profit, but when the price suddenly moves in the opposite direction, it turns 'bleeding red' and your profit can disappear in an instant.