Knock Knock Knock! This Is The First Country To Hold A Court Trial In The Metaverse!


 "If it's like this, people don't have to bother going to court, just talk in cyberspace."

Mark Zuckerberg's virtual reality (VR) may have suffered a major loss, but Columbia became the first country in the world to host a court hearing in the Metaverse last week.

Columbia lawmakers in the South American country were found to hold two-hour hearings using Horizon Workrooms, a Meta platform that allows groups of individuals to gather through virtual workspaces.

Explained further, the hearing will be broadcast live on YouTube, where those present will appear as avatars while Columbia's lawyers will have to wear a virtual headset to participate.

According to María Victoria Quiñones Triana, Magdalena court magistrate stated that the use of information technology can facilitate the justice process, for example the trial that saw the complainant wanting to sue the police was completed quickly.

Although most individuals applauded Columbia's new move, there were a few individuals who thought seeing a cartoon-like figure was completely ridiculous as it would take away from the seriousness of talking about a case.

Meta formerly known as Facebook has invested billions into metaverse technology but unfortunately has yet to see success as the project is reported to lose $4.28 billion in 2022.

Despite that, Zuckerberg who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Meta is very confident that Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will develop in the near term while metaverse is for the long term.