Another Crypto-Friendly Bank Predictably Destroyed! – Robert Kiyosaki


 "Kiyosaki likes to give opinions so much, that he doesn't know which one to listen to."

Robert Kiyosaki who is a staunch supporter of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) gives his view on the recent collapse of two major crypto-friendly banks, namely Silvergate Bank and Silicon Valley Bank.

For the record, the two banks stopped their operations after facing massive withdrawals from customers followed by a drop in stock prices.

Although not referring to any bank, Kiyosaki truly believes another major bank will experience a drastic collapse.

At this time it was reported that the share price of Signature bank saw a massive drop after most individuals began to be wary of Silvergate which has faced various obstacles to maintain its services.

Kiyosaki believes that the price of gold, including silver, will rise when the third bank collapse occurs, where he had previously predicted the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

He also stated earlier this year that BTC is not only capable of soaring higher by 2025 but has the potential to break through the $500,000 price level.

While Kiyosaki also said that the United States (US) dollar is becoming worthless as billions of them continue to be printed by the US government by accident while over the past two years trillions of fake dollars have been printed.

In the meantime, Kiyosaki is convinced that a global collapse is approaching and that it may be worse than the Great Depression that occurred in the 1930s.