Best Go! Telegram Makes New Development For Crypto!


 "It seems that Telegram's efforts do not want to be left behind in the crypto world."

Telegram messaging application informs customers that the wallet function now supports Tether (USDT) and Tron (TRX) known as TRC20.

TRX is currently working to become a decentralized Internet through their low-cost, high-speed blockchain.

However, users can use stablecoins on its network, where they are allowed to buy, exchange and make peer-to-peer (P2P) trades with TRC20, Telegram commented, adding that customers can directly send USDT to friends without transaction fees.

In general, Telegram app introduced crypto in 2018 by launching Telegram Open Network (TON) but unfortunately the project was abandoned in 2020.

This is because the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States (US) has said that the initial coin offering (ICO) for the project is illegal.

Even though Telegram has turned its back on it, the project is still alive by the TON Foundation as users can still buy, sell and send digital assets on the Telegram application.

In addition, Telegram also allows users to buy Bitcoin (BTC) through its application and then send the digital asset to other users or wallets, but it cannot withdraw money in cash at all.

Although not convertible to fiat money, the BTC purchased by the user is capable of being converted into TON digital assets.