French President Macron Under Pressure, Unpopular View Dealing With Economic Crisis Law Criticism!


 French President Emmanuel Macron is facing backlash over unpopular views on reforms to the pension scheme. He said that he wants the government to take steps to ensure that companies share more of their profits with workers.

Macron, who is seeking to regain the political initiative after narrowly surviving a no-confidence vote in parliament this week, made the remarks in his latest interview.

"We have data that large companies are in the process of buying back their own shares. On that basis, it is necessary to find the right way but they must share more profits with their workers," said Macron.

He said he would ask the government to work on what he called "separate contributions" by companies for the benefit of workers.

Macron did not provide further details and the Finance Ministry did not immediately respond to requests from analysts for more information.