Go! Irish Farmer Turns Cow Dung Into BTC!


 "The methods used by farmers in this country are really interesting, we never even thought of doing that."

A dairy farmer working on a farm in County Armagh, Northern Ireland named Tom Campbell discovered a method called anaerobic digestion (anaerobic digestion) through cow dung, where he can use the excess energy produced on his farm to mine Bitcoin (BTC).

It is understood that the process involves the breakdown of biodegradable materials that will create methane gas to produce electricity.

According to Campbell, excess energy that cannot be exported to the grid will be used for BTC mining, where his farm produces up to 700 kilowatts of electricity output equivalent to the power of nearly 12,000 households.

In general, the Irish government aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030, but the country's agricultural sector has been responsible for over 35% with cattle being the main source.

The string, anaerobic digestion is one solution that could not only generate electricity for every household in Ireland but also meet the national greenhouse gas emissions target if 41% of farms use the technology.

Campbell's decision to mine BTC is somewhat unusual, but it makes sense from an economic perspective since miners can use excess clean energy when grid demand is low and generate profits from mining the digital asset.

Even so, some farmers worry they will go bankrupt if they want to meet greenhouse gas emissions targets, but Campbell's approach can benefit the environment and farmers' profits.