In Singapore, Women Beat Men In Crypto Trading!


 "Don't take it for granted, even women can make more money in crypto than men."

The Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI) annual survey published on March 28 reported that Singaporean women have generated more profits in digital asset investments than men.

Since the launch of IRCI in Singapore in 2021, this is the first time that women have outnumbered men, where 76% of women have made good profits in crypto investments compared to only 72% of men.

The survey also saw that women participating in crypto investment this year has increased from 30% to 37% while men are 48%.

Additionally, around 24% of women intend to allocate more than 20% of their investment portfolio in crypto and 48% plan to continue investing in their existing portfolio for the next 12 months.

While 43% of women were found to want to diversify into other digital assets and participate in DeFi or non-fungible token (NFT) projects.

However, the confidence level of Singaporeans in digital assets recorded 55 out of 100 following the crypto market in 2022 is bleeding significantly plus there are several crypto companies that went bankrupt such as FTX.

Despite the faltering trust, crypto adoption in Singapore is still on the rise as 43% of respondents reported having crypto investments compared to the previous year's 40% and a large number of respondents have long-term confidence in digital assets.

This is because the ongoing banking crisis and the implementation of a robust regulatory framework by the Singapore government has been the reason why most investors are turning to digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC).