Interested in visiting Twitter HQ? Elon Musk Asks for 3 DOGE Payment!


 "This kind of Musk, every time there is a strange idea."

Billionaire Elon Musk who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Twitter said that an individual should pay three Dogecoin (DOGE) if they wish to visit the company's headquarters.

Musk released such a statement shortly after there were inquiries from CB Doge, Dogecoin UX/Ui and a graphic designer who chose to remain anonymous.

Meanwhile, DogeDesigner requesting permission to visit Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco has been one of the reasons Musk jokingly said it would cost three DOGEs worth $0.23.

Although just a joke, the action has attracted the attention of many investors including DOGE supporters who will take this opportunity to further increase the price of the memecoin in the future.

Hey Chief Twit @elonmusk

I will be traveling to the US next month to witness the Starship Launch. Would love to visit the bird app headquarters too. I spoke with someone from the team & they said, I need your permission to visit 🫡

— DogeDesigner (@cb_doge) March 23, 2023

It is widely known that several well-known influencers mentioned that Musk may be working with developers to integrate DOGE into Twitter following his previous announcement of introducing the memecoin-based payment system.

Please be informed that the Tesla company founded by Musk received DOGE last January while SpaceX, his spaceship company will soon apply the memecoin.

Following Musk who also received payments through DOGE for his fragrance product called "Burnt Hair", some die-hard supporters of the memecoin really believe that Twitter can grow the digital asset.