Psst Do You Know? Sesame Street Launches Its First NFT Collection!


 "Fans must love it when the characters in Sesame Street become NFT."

Sesame Workshop, originally known as Children's Television Workshop is about to launch its first non-fungible token (NFT) collection featuring the popular educational TV program Sesame Street.

Reportedly, Sesame Workshop is partnering with New York-based digital collectibles marketplace VeVe to introduce NFT Cookies Monster Digital Collectibles that will retail for $60 per unit.

The Cookie Monster digital collection that will be released on March 19 through the Veve application is the blue character of the most famous Sesame Street show and is loved by viewers around the world.

Although Cookie Monster only has one NFT, it has 5,555 editions to sell, with Sesame Workshop set to release many more Sesame Street collectibles later this year after the initial release.

Fans can expect more NFT releases in the future as the plan is to start with Cookie Monster and be followed by a series of other collections.

According to Jennifer Ahearn, vice president of Sesame Workshop, the partnership with VeVe is aimed at giving longtime fans a new way to show off their love of Sesame Street and its characters.

While the co-founder and chief operating officer of VeVe named Dan Crothers mentioned Sesame Street which is one of the most iconic brands of all time has been the reason they took the opportunity to work with him in launching NFT.