These Are Among 9 People Who Have Succeeded Rich With Crypto!


 "Perhaps this story can inspire crypto investors out there."

The rapidly growing cryptocurrency market has led to many investors who have managed to generate handsome profits.

Although they have a great success story, there is no guarantee that investing in crypto can generate quick cash profits as it also has risks. After that, let's see their success stories.

Javed Khan

Khan, who believes that the use of crypto can facilitate the transfer of money, bought Bitcoin (BTC) in 2018 when the price was at the level of $3,000 and finally sold in 2022 to buy a Bentley brand car.

Daniel Crocker

In 2012, Daniel who was working as an apprentice in an IT company invested some BTC after chatting with his colleagues about how to make some extra money.

He was found to have sold part of his BTC last year to buy a new house when the digital asset he invested in turned a profit after holding it for almost eight years.

Gardner first opened his eyes to crypto when he realized that digital assets only required an internet connection to send a sum of money to other individuals.

In 2013 when Gardner invested most of his savings in cryptocurrencies, stocks including BTC, he became a millionaire at the age of 30 after the prices of digital assets and stocks he invested in skyrocketed.

Kane Ellis

Ellis at the age of 18 founded the technology consulting company Nerd Herd and started investing and mining BTC when it cost only $1.60 in 2010. After years of mining BTC, he started selling some of his digital assets to buy a $200,000 Maserati.

James Saye

In 2017, James was hesitant to invest in crypto but he bought £500 worth of digital assets and while James made a profit of £2500 due to a 500% rise in price, he bought an expensive holiday to Iceland.

Christopher Koch

The price of one Bitcoin today is over RM100,000. Imagine if you own 5,000 Bitcoins!

Kristoffer Koch only spent around $26 to get 5,000 BTC in 2009 while he was busy writing his master's thesis on encryption technology at the University of Norway.

He called himself a millionaire after selling his digital asset but still had 4,000 BTC when he heard the news about the rise in price of the digital asset.

Kingsley Advani

Advani in his 20s sold all his possessions to raise cash to buy a number of cryptocurrencies and investments, managing to raise around $34,000.

He finally reportedly managed to convert his investment into seven figures overnight.

Eric Finman

Becoming one of the youngest billionaires, in 2011 the then 12-year-old Finman bought a number of cryptocurrencies when he received a gift of $1,000 from his grandmother.

A few years later, he started an online education company called Botangle through his profits.

But he sold Botangle after there were investors who wanted to buy the company for $100,000 or 300 BTC and Eric was found to have chosen the digital asset because he had told his parents not to go to college if he became a millionaire at the age of 18.

Long story short, Finman managed to prove his success to both his parents.

Mr. Smith

Although his identity is kept secret, Mr Smith has shared his success story and was also interviewed by Forbes.

While working in Silicon Valley in 2010, Smith invested $3,000 when the price of BTC was worth $0.15 to get 20,000 of the digital asset.

Smith finally quit his job and traveled the world when the price of BTC rose 10% to $350 after 3 years, where he sold 2,000 of the digital asset and another 2,000 after the price reached $350.

Imagine if he sold BTC at the current price. Phew!

Heather Delaney

Delaney periodically invested £5 in crypto as part of his retirement plan, paying off as his investment soared 500%.

He does not rush to convert profits into cash, but uses a strategy of converting to other assets when the market is in an uncertain state.

This is because he is more focused on long-term investments and for the objective of his retirement plan.