This Is The Story Of Scott Melker Getting The Title 'The Wolf Of All Streets'!


 "It used to be laughed at, now when it's successful people want to look at it."

Scott Melker better known as "The Wolf of All Streets" tells the story of how he went from a very poor stock trader to the most followed cryptocurrency analyst in the market.

Speaking in the latest episode of Cointelegraph's Crypto Stories, Melker said that the name The Wolf of All Streets was created only as a joke after he was also previously known as a "disc jockey" (DJ).

However, one person jokingly said that Melker only knows music and has no knowledge of the market while claiming that he is a fake Wolf of Wall Street.

Despite this, Melker explained the following name change was purely a joke but the nickname stuck and most individuals started calling him Wolf.

Continuing his story, Melker is found always trading stocks because as a DJ he has a lot of free time during the day, but unfortunately it is not always successful when Melker suffers a number of losses after investing in various assets.

After taking a few years off from investing, Melker got to know crypto in early 2017 when he heard about Bitcoin (BTC) frequently in the DJ community and he didn't think it could make him a lot of money.

Following his success in trading, Melker now focuses on protecting his wealth and refuses to grow his money aggressively through trading.