Warren Buffett Earned $700 Million Just From Coca-Cola Stock Dividends!


 Warren Buffet through his company Berkshire Hathaway has reportedly received up to $704 million from Coca-Cola stock dividends alone last year.

For the record, until the end of 2022 Berkshire Hathaway has owned as many as 400,000,000 Coca-Cola stock units with a total value of $24 billion.

Buffett began buying Coca-Cola stock at a discount shortly after the global stock crash in 1987, with an original investment of $1.3 billion.

After 35 years, the total investment increased from $1.3 billion to $24 billion.

But without having to sell his stock unit holdings, Buffett's company has earned a cumulative profit of $10.2 billion just from dividend payments over that 35-year period.

Coca-Cola shares, nicknamed the 'Dividend King', are shares that give dividends to shareholders.

More interestingly, Coca-Cola stock units owned by Bershire Hathaway only represent a total of 8.5% of its entire investment portfolio. It is in fourth place after shares of Apple (38.9%), Bank of America (11.2%), and Chevron (9.8%).

Although many investors think Coca-Cola shares are no longer worth buying today because of their high prices, investors can take a lesson from Warren Buffet to:

1. Buy stocks that give dividend returns.

2. Look for investment opportunities during the 'market crash'.

3. Have enough savings to take chances.

4. Realize investing for the long term.