Wow! Here are 10 Giant Companies That Have Joined Crypto!


 "Hopefully there will be more big companies entering the world of crypto."

The cryptocurrency market is getting depressed when there are various negative sentiments that can have a negative impact on a digital asset, but YouTube influencer The Crypto Lark (Lark Davis) has mentioned the 10 biggest companies joining the crypto world.

Among them is the company BlackRock, a giant digital asset manager with over $10 trillion in assets under management (AUM) not only launched a spot Bitcoin (BTC) fund but also signed an agreement with Coinbase to offer its own BTC trading service.

Meanwhile, Mastercard has partnered with Bybit and Immersve, a crypto payment protocol to allow Australian and New Zealand customers to make payments within the Mastercard Network through digital assets.

Visa also refused to be left behind in establishing a partnership with Wirex to help launch a crypto-based debit card that will soon be available in more than 40 countries.

It was reported that the three largest stock market companies collaborated with Polygon, blockchain layer-2 while Nike and Starbucks also each signed an agreement with Polygon to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) virtual clothing platform and NFT reward program called Odyssey.

Next, Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnered with blockchain Avalanche (Ava Labs) to allow the crypto company to leverage Amazon's public infrastructure, where AWS customers can build decentralized applications on the Ava Labs network.

In addition to Microsoft collaborating with the Ankr liquid staking protocol, the giant technology company ChinaTencentGlobal joined forces with blockchain MultiverseX (Elrond) to build Web3 and metaverse products.

Please also be informed that Meta (Facebook) will join hands with the Spanish telecommunication Telefonica to work with Gemiumcorp to develop the Metaverse Activation Program.