Time Is Running Out, The US Is Still Divided On The Debt Ceiling Issue!


 With only a few days left for the United States to resolve the issue of the debt ceiling will end, the talks between President Joe Biden and the Republican party have once again reached an impasse.

This follows new demands made by Republicans for spending cuts in social assistance and health care by the government.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates accused Republicans of trying to trigger a recession in the world's giant economy in a tweet.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the Republican request puts them a big step back and contains extreme partisan demands.

Responding to the statement, Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy said the White House was 'moving backwards'.

As a result of the dispute, the discussion between the two sides was halted before being resumed by President Biden through a phone call with McCarthy.

FYI, President Biden flew to Japan for the G7 group conference over the weekend and negotiations on the debt ceiling continued by representatives of both parties.

Despite that, Biden insisted he would not agree to a deal that protects subsidies for 'Big Oil' and 'rich tax cheats' while risking health care and food aid for millions of US citizens.

Negotiations between Biden and McCarthy will reportedly resume on Monday in person.