Buy Bitcoins, Sell Bonds! – Mexican billionaire


 "Wow, don't play around even Mexican billionaires like BTC you know."

Ricardo Salinas, a Mexican billionaire in an exclusive interview with Bitcoin Magazine reporter Isabella Santos last week stated that everyone should keep their wealth in BTC and sell bonds.

In the 20-minute interview, he also discussed how cryptocurrencies can act as protection against the increasingly prevalent inflation issue and the pitfalls of the traditional financial system.

According to him, the value of BTC is one of the ways to protect one's wealth as it not only has unique properties but also attractiveness in the hyperinflationary economy that is common in Latin America.

In addition to stressing the importance of educating the public about the effects of the government's monetary policy, which he called fraudulent and manipulative, Salinas also said BTC is a tool for financial freedom.

The Mexican billionaire who sees BTC as an important asset class for long-term savings continued his discussion where Salinas acknowledged that the digital asset has the potential to benefit third world countries especially in areas experiencing hyperinflation.

Regarding his family's perception of BTC, Salinas believes that the challenge of explaining the value of digital assets to someone from an older generation like his father is very difficult as they may not understand the concept of crypto.

However, as a leading figure in the world of business and media, Salinas' positive view of BTC can have a big impact on its use in Mexico or in other countries.